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“Sector 2814″ Line Shines!

Yes, the badge on this shirt will display your duty to protect Earth and its surrounding area from intergalactic enemies. Yes, the shimmering green hue and glow-in-the-dark design will command respect from all those around you… or at least the … Continue reading

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Luthor/Kelly 2012 hits FaceBook!

Luthor is truly a candidate for the 21st century!  He’s taking his campaign online.  You can follow his talking points on Facebook!  Luthor/Kelly 2012– Remember, you can’t corrupt someone who’s already evil!

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Cosmic City Sponsors Luthor/Kelly 2012 Campaign!

Tired of business as usual in Washington DC? Sick of watching politicians get elected, only to do the same thing as everyone else? Time to try something different! Time to stop looking for a candidate with ethics and integrity—that strategy … Continue reading

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Star Trek and Comic Book Wallets!

You know that crazy-strong material that Express Mail envelopes are made out of?  It’s not quite cloth, and not quite plastic?  It’s called Tyvek, and now Cosmic City has a line of awesome wallets made out of the stuff!  Each … Continue reading

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